New Patients:  Please call our office prior to printing any forms. A new patient packet, and new patient check list,  must be filled out in it's entirety prior to scheduling an appointment. We are also not a Primary care provider, and you will be required to retain one.  Please call our office with any questions


  • Functional Medicine consults for men, women & children 5+
  • Bio-Identical Hormone analysis (male and female)
  • Nutritional deficiency testing
  • Digestive disorders/Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • In-depth Health Maintenance exams, lab work and specialized testing
  • Discussion and recommendation for quality vitamins and supplements with a knowledgeable professional
  • Functional Medicine approaches to chronic fatigue
  • Treatment of Depression, Insomnia and Premenstrual Syndrome
  • Food intolerance/sensitivity testing
  • Testing and treatment for MTHFR related mutations and conditions
  • 14 and 28 Day Detox Programs with Group support (the programs can be purchased separately and done on your own as well)
  • Group support Weight loss programs (Weight loss program can be purchased on it's own as well)
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New patients: Please call the office prior to filling out any forms.